Sub Seeker facilitates the short-term recruitment of Teaching Council registered teachers by Department of Education and Skills schools at both primary and post primary levels. Sub Seeker replaced TextaSub in 2019.

Sub Seeker was designed to meet the requirements of Job Advertisers, the Department of Education and Skills, the Teaching Council and other key stakeholders, and to be compliant with Circular 0044/2019. In particular, the design takes into account Job Advertisers’ feedback that they require more information about available substitute teachers prior to offering a substitute position. This service is available to fully qualified school teachers only. 

You can register for Sub Seeker by following these steps:

1. Log on to and register as a Job Seeker

2. Complete your registration by activating your account – a confirmation email will be sent to your email account (please check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive an email within 30 minutes)

If you already have a valid account:

3. Log on to your profile and select the ‘Sub Seeker’ tab. You can register for up to six counties, and complete your availability for six days. You will need to input your Teaching Council number and a valid mobile number.

You need to update your Sub Seeker availability at least every 7 days to ensure your profile is visible to schools. All Teaching Council numbers are validated with the Teaching Council. 

For more details on using Sub Seeker, see the FAQ here.

NOTE: All substitute teachers need to ensure that they are aware of the Statutory Requirements for Garda Vetting. These can be found in Circular 0031/2016.

What does a substitute teacher need to provide to a school?

  • A copy of their teaching qualification certificate
  • Teaching Council registration number
  • Vetting Disclosure (Circular 31/2016)
  • Statutory Declaration Form & signed Form of Undertaking (Circular 31/2016)
  • Photo identification e.g. driving licence or passport
  • PPS Number
  • Contact details of relevant recent employers for independent reference checking.

Sub Seeker provides schools access to qualified Teaching Council registered teachers at both primary and post primary levels. Job Advertisers can view Job Seekers profiles and source the most suitable subsitute teacher for the school or organisation. For more details on using Sub Seeker, see here.

Sub Seeker provides many new features for schools including the following:
Immediate sub vacancies over the next 6 days
Automatic registration for schools that have advertised on
Free service to all DES schools – primary & post primary
Optimised for all devices - smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet 
Validation of Teaching Council Registration Number
View profile of available subs – availability, experience & qualifications
Send offers and receive responses via Sub Seeker – emails created automatically
Sub Seeker offer status updates every 30 seconds
Retains a history of searches carried out through Sub Seeker