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Deputy Principal


Holy Family Senior NS

River Valley


Date Posted:
Fri Sep 6 2019 13:43:16
Application Closing Date:
Mon Sep 23 2019
Commencement Date:
Mon Oct 14 2019
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School Type:
Mainstream with Special Classes
School Structure:
Senior School
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Additional Information:
This advertisement (which was posted on on Monday 2nd September) is being reposted to meet the terms of Circular 0044/2019.
The Board of Management of Holy Family S.N.S. invite applications from eligible teachers for the position of Deputy Principal (Administrative). This appointment is being made under the terms of Circular 0044/2019. The successful candidate will become part of the Leadership and Management team in the school. The Deputy Principal will cooperate in partnership with the Principal to ensure the effective leadership and management of the school. The roles and responsibilities for this post relate to the four domains of leadership and management as specified in Circular 0044/2019. The roles and responsibilities of this post are subject to review and change according to procedures set out in Circular 0044/2019 and the responsibilities of the role may require a teacher to participate in the leadership role outside of the standard school day.
The role of Deputy Principal will be to work in partnership and cooperation with the Principal and the main duties will be (but not limited to):

Domain One: Leading Teaching and Learning
- Share responsibility with the Principal for the effective leadership and management of teaching and learning encouraging a culture of continuous improvement in the school
- Foster a commitment to inclusion, equality of opportunity and the holistic development of each child
- Coordination of Special Education Needs (SEN) provision in the school
- Coordination of the area of assessment, standardised testing and school reports
-Be part of and support the work of the In School Leadership Team

Domain Two: Managing the Organisation
- Assist, advise and support the Principal in relation to the day to day leadership, organisation and management of the school (curricular, organisational and pastoral)
- Deputise for the Principal in the event of her absence or unavailability
- Act as DDLP in all matters of child protection and safeguarding
- Assist the Principal in the promotion of positive behaviour strategies and the monitoring of pupil behaviour throughout the school and assist with the implementation of the school's Code of Behaviour

Domain 3 Leading School Development
- Assist in the communication and realisation of the guiding vision for the school
-Advise and support the Principal in the coordination of the work of the In School Leadership Team
- Support the Droichead process in the school
- Assist with ongoing policy development and self evaluation using Looking At Our Schools 2016, a Quality Framework
- Build and maintain relationships with the school community

Domain 4: Developing Leadership Capacity
- Assist the Principal in the promotion of targeted in-house and external continuous professional development opportunities for staff, thus contributing to their professional growth and also ensuring that the strategic needs of the school are being met (enriching teachers' and pupils' learning).
-Support and facilitate staff to take on and lead new initiatives and projects.
-Promote and facilitate the development of pupil voice, pupil participation and pupil leadership.

It is proposed that interviews will take place the week of the 30th September 2019.

Please apply using the standard application form and send applications (including letter of application, completed standard application form, copies of certs/diplomas/degrees, names of referees and teaching council registration) to the Chairperson, Board of Management, Holy Family S.N.S. Applications are to be emailed to

The proposed commencement date is Monday 14th October.


  • Letter of Application

  • Referees (name, role, contact no.)

  • Copy of Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees

  • Teaching Council Registration

  • Online Application Form

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County Dublin
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