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Tue Jun 7 2022 16:04:48
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Fri Jul 1 2022
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Mon Aug 22 2022
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Staff Position Available
West Cork Sudbury School is part of a movement towards a very different model of education, where students have an equal part in the democratic running of the school itself and where they decide what, when and how they learn. We give equal value to all types of intelligence and believe that students should be allowed to self-direct their learning by trusting their own intuition without following a prescribed curriculum.

As a democratic school, students and staff have an equal say in the workings of the school, displaying a belief in and sensitivity to the process. The ability to self-direct your work independently is necessary, as is the ability to work as part of a close team whilst still being proactive.

A youth work background would be a great advantage as an awareness of boundaries are necessary in working with young people. A passion for working with young people is essential as is the resilience and professionalism that this position demands.

Applicants should be familiar with the Sudbury Democratic, Self-directed education model as they act as a steward in the everyday workings of the school.

These positions will be based at the school buildings in Coomhoola, Co. Cork and surrounding land. Initial contract will be for a 6-month probationary period. With reviews at 3 and 6 months. Contract will then be extended if both parties are happy to move forward.

Applications, in the form of Cover Letter and up-to-date CV, will be accepted by email to

Written references are welcome, which will be followed up with a phone call to referee.

Please visit our website and familiarise yourself about the school and this model of education.

Being a facilitator at West Cork Sudbury School (WCSS) comes with the following responsibilities and duties:

A facilitator at West Cork Sudbury School is an adult staff member who is employed by WCSS. They may be paid or a volunteer facilitator depending on position applied for and agreed upon between WCSS and the individual applicant.

Role of Staff

Staff members at WCSS must have an understanding of the Sudbury, democratic, self-directed education model. They act as dependable stewards of the school; facilitate students access to resources; exemplify mature practices of personal fulfilment and societal engagement; and anchor school culture to values of interpersonal respect and trust in the impulses to self-actualize.

Staff participate in the school’s democratic horizontal governance by being active members of relevant taskforces, including executive, legislative, and conflict resolution processes, and do not unilaterally establish or enforce rules.

Being a successful staff member at WCSS requires an ability to honour the choices of others even when those choices are not those you would make, and an ability to trust in the school’s conflict resolution process called Transformative Practise (TP).

Staff members at WCSS are available as facilitators and confidants as students pursue their own interests.

Duties and Responsibilities of Staff

. Facilitators, whether volunteer or paid, must apply to WCSS for the desired position.
. Staff must go through an interview process, a trial period and be Garda vetted.
. Facilitators may have their own wishes and are allowed to express such.
. Facilitators must put into practice the structures that are in place; ie: School Meeting (SM), Transformative Practice (TP).
. Staff will be expected to do daily cleaning jobs and maintenance in the building, eg cleaning toilets, taking out bins etc.
. Staff are expected to keep track of all paid and unpaid hours.
. Facilitators must be willing to take part in courses and trainings.
. Facilitators are obliged to attend staff meetings and team trainings.
. Facilitators must assist with student’s personal hygiene if needed.
. Facilitators and students have a responsibility to adhere to WCSS’s Record of Agreements.
. Facilitators at WCSS are there to support students in their desired learning.
. Self-Directed Education facilitators must reject the obsolete notion that young people need to learn a standard set of skills and subjects by a certain time. Successful facilitation requires, among other skills and orientations, a deep appreciation for informal, spontaneous, and emergent learning processes
. Facilitators are there to be present to a student’s needs.
. Facilitators must learn to ‘let students be’ unless they specifically ask for intervention or their safety is at risk.
. Facilitators are there to assist in aiding students to help themselves when possible.
. Some duties may include but are not limited to the following: Allowing / Aiding / Assisting / Prompting / Being Present with students in: baking; cooking; reading; art and crafts; reaching high places; walks; discussions and personal growths; listening and creating space for healing; dancing and gymnastics; sewing; yoga, mindfulness and relaxation; story telling; maths; literacy and language (just to expand on reading, to include writing etc or other languages); STEM; and any of the other multitude of subjects that may arise
. Facilitators must keep in mind all of the above whilst not hovering over students.
. In the case where a student specifically requests to be taught something the facilitator and student may enter into a learning contract and work may be set, lesson times agreed, until such time as the student no longer wishes to be taught the agreed subject.
. Facilitators may leave students to do what they wish until they ask for assistance.
. Facilitators may aid in School Meetings and Transformative Practice days.
. Facilitators may assist in Conflict Resolution.

This document is a Work in Progress and is continuously reviewed.


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